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The Greater Millsboro Chamber of Commerce offers several benefits to its members. If you're interested in joining us, please apply for Membership. Existing Members can update their listing information  online.

Membership Benefits

Why Join the Chamber?

  • NETWORKING - It's not just who you know but who they know!  Networking is powerful.  Join us the third Thursday of every month for a networking luncheon.  Watch for our emails to find out where and who will be speaking.
  • WEBSITE - Your business with your logo, a description and a link to your business can be seen on our website 24-hours/day. 
  • RIBBON CUTTING - Let's open your office with a bang...or just promote your new status as a GMCC MEMBER!  We will submit pics and info to the local media.
  • REFERRALS -  We think of you first when inquiries are made of the Chamber.
  • HOST OUR MONTHLY LUNCHES at your local restaurant.
  • EBLAST TO MEMBERSHIP - ONE FREE  Eblast per year ($35.00 each additional).

Community Benefits

  • Concentrated efforts to foster economic development
  • Sponsorship of community events and 
  • Attraction of new business and tourism
  • Partnership with local civic groups

Membership meetings

Membership meetings occur on the third Thursday of every month.

Annual dues

Based on number of full-time employees.
Count two part-time positions as one.

  • 1-10.......$150
  • 11-20......$225
  • 21-50......$300
  • 51-100.....$375
  • Over 100...$600
  • Non-profit...50% of business rate
  • Associate....$90 (Individual/Family)

Multiple Businesses

  • Option 1 - Retain one single vote by paying regular dues for the first business and 50% of regular dues for additional business.
  • Option 2 - Retain one vote per business by paying regular dues for each business owned.

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